The Army and Navy recently announced that their Cyber Mission Teams were fully operational, and the U.S. Cyber Command now has all of their planned complement of 133 teams in business. With its people (totaling more than 6,000 service members and civilians) in place, U.S. cyber forces can now look to machines to help carry out effective operations in the cyber domain. […]

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The market for virtual reality headsets—like the popular gaming system known as Oculus Rift, or the many headsets that are now shipping with consumer drones—is poised for rapid growth starting this holiday season. In fact, Juniper Research estimates that global sales of VR headsets will hit 3 million next year and as much as 30 […] […]

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It takes years to develop, test and field major weapon systems throughout the Defense Department. But when it comes to cyberspace, emerging threats and capabilities are measured in hours, minutes and seconds. The old way of buying defense systems just can’t keep up. The Army, however, is applying a strategy known as the IT Box […] […]