As FITARA, the Federal Information Technology Acquisition Reform Act, turns 1, the Federal IT community is gushing over its potential. But the terrible twos are ahead. […]

Christmas is coming, and some Federal CIOs may wish for FITARA to go away. They should come up with a new list. The Federal Information Technology Acquisition Reform Act (FITARA) is here to stay. Not all CIOs view FITARA as a lump of coal – 84 percent of Feds are optimistic about the law’s impact, […] […]

Agencies treasure data and like to refer to information as their crown jewel. But if an agency can’t find data, then any crown jewel is more of a lost treasure. There’s no sense in wasting time hunting for data. That’s like spending your Sundays watching the Redskins lose. Time to Clean Up What’s your attic […] […]

Every good manager has an open-door policy. Come on in. Let’s talk about it, right after you get those TPS reports finished. That would be greaaaat… Open doors are good when it comes to management. When it comes to cybersecurity, open doors are an invitation for hackers. Access Excess That’s one takeaway from a new […] […]

Remember when cloud used to scare Federal agencies? It wasn’t that long ago that shopping for cloud resembled a trip through a haunted house – surprises around each corner. Screams and sweaty palms. But cloud isn’t so scary. Let’s talk about it. Deep Breath Many agencies have overcome their cloud computing anxieties, and they want […] […]

Sales of vinyl records were up 52 percent in the first half of the year compared to last year. Are the ‘80s back? What else is coming back? Gas guzzlers? Feathered hair? The Macarena? What about mainframes? Nope. Album sales are surging because audiophiles like holding vinyl in their hands and reading liner notes. But […] […]

What a difference a week makes. Days after Pope Francis and Xi Jinping blew into town we’re looking at a government shutdown. Our Federal friends may not go to work on October 1. The 2013 shutdown lasted 16 days. What will you do if you’re forced to take a politically-fueled vacation? While the parties try […] […]

Summer’s almost over. But hackers never go out of season. IRS. OPM. Cyberattacks on Federal networks are a big deal and require a lot of attention – and budget – from agency CIOs. Federal CIO Tony Scott mandated over the summer that agencies shore up their networks, policies, and procedures to defend their networks from […] […]

Cybersecurity is still a sexy topic. Just ask Ashley Madison. Federal agencies have an intimate knowledge of cyber threats, too. That’s why MeriTalk is bringing the best minds together for the Fourth Annual Cyber Security Brainstorm. We’re all just friends. Curious? I guess sites like and eHarmony just don’t cut it in anymore. Does […] […]

It’s important to keep your weight down. Better on the heart. Healthcare is at risk in much the same way. Government health and human services agencies struggle to confirm and verify healthcare benefits due to data integration challenges, according to a new study, “The Economics of Eligibility: The Cost of Eligibility and Verification Challenges for […] […]

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