Federal BluePrint

The House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform released an investigative report in September that reviewed the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) data breaches – breaches that resulted in over 21 million stolen records. The report stated, “Despite this high value information maintained by OPM, the agency failed to prioritize cybersecurity and adequately secure high […] […]

It’s time for Feds to pack their data center bags and start moving to cloud. Yet enterprises are not as secure in their decision to move to cloud. The Blue Coat Elastic 2016 Shadow Data Threat Report showed nearly 100 percent of apps analyzed do not provide sufficient security and compliance controls to effectively protect […] […]

Reacting to a battery of recent MeriTalk articles on GSA 18F and FedRAMP, voices inside and outside GSA have called for MeriTalk to name our source. Well, this time, we’re completely transparent.