Energy Sector Cybersecurity Called the Backbone of All Critical Infrastructure The interconnectedness of the energy sector presents both increased challenges and potential, according to panelists at an Institute for Critical Infrastructure Technology briefing. “The energy sector is clearly the backbone of all 16 critical infrastructures,” said Jay Williams, an ICIT fellow and vice president of cyber […] […]

Fed Cloud Silver Lining

We don’t need a crystal ball to know the future is bright for Federal cloud.  While agencies are starting to embrace cloud – today, 85% of Federal cloud decision-makers are more optimistic about what cloud can do for their agency than they were five years ago – think we can all agree the Federal IT […] […]

The Pentagon’s latest buzz phrase is Identity Activities, which means the Pentagon wants to employ data analysis tools that will leverage biographical, biological, behavioral, and reputational data inputs to help the military determine the identity of a person they encounter on the battlefield and whether that person poses a threat.


Agencies are moving users to the cloud, but how can they streamline the process? How can it be simplified to create an enhanced user experience?

“What activities, what data, and what threat are they bringing into the cloud?” These three questions are identified as primary concepts agencies should use to assess and prevent cloud application use as necessary, then implement policies based on the answers.


Data Center Closures and Cloud Key to Pentagons Future IT Environment If the Department of Defense were a private corporation, it would sit at the top of the Fortune 100, a behemoth with more than 2 million employees spread across 5,000 locations and a $36 billion annual IT budget. But it would still be wrestling […] […]

Use of Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)/Transport Layer Security (TLS) encryption is estimated at 15-25 percent of all network traffic, and growing at 20 percent annually. But by 2017, Gartner predicts “more than 50 percent of network attacks will use SSL/TLS.”

Agencies need to inspect encrypted traffic to ensure hackers are not hiding in SSL traffic.