Remember when cloud used to scare Federal agencies? It wasn’t that long ago that shopping for cloud resembled a trip through a haunted house – surprises around each corner. Screams and sweaty palms. But cloud isn’t so scary. Let’s talk about it. Deep Breath Many agencies have overcome their cloud computing anxieties, and they want […] […]

If little girls are sugar, spice, and all things nice. And, little boys are slugs, snails, and puppy dog’s tails. Then the September 2nd Synergy Research Public Cloud Infrastructure report puts the gadget guts of public clouds into plain view


How would the Queen of Soul spell FITARA? R-E-S-P-E-C-T. That’s coz the new IT law is all about Federal CIOs getting some swagger – and harmonizing Federal IT efficiency on the same track.


Sales of vinyl records were up 52 percent in the first half of the year compared to last year. Are the ‘80s back? What else is coming back? Gas guzzlers? Feathered hair? The Macarena? What about mainframes? Nope. Album sales are surging because audiophiles like holding vinyl in their hands and reading liner notes. But […] […]

Fluffy comes to mind as good cloud adjective – difficult to define.  But never fear, it’s raining cloud metrics this week – and we’re bringing you the chance to get face to face with the facts at our November 5th Cloud Connect conference. […]