What a difference a week makes. Days after Pope Francis and Xi Jinping blew into town we’re looking at a government shutdown. Our Federal friends may not go to work on October 1. The 2013 shutdown lasted 16 days. What will you do if you’re forced to take a politically-fueled vacation? While the parties try […] […]

When I came to Washington years ago on what was to be a one-year fellowship, the senior administrative management position in government departments and agencies was typically an Assistant Secretary for Administration (AS/A) or perhaps an Assistant Secretary for Management (AS/M). In the majority of cases, those positions and their deputies were long-time careerists, recognizing […] […]

Summer’s almost over. But hackers never go out of season. IRS. OPM. Cyberattacks on Federal networks are a big deal and require a lot of attention – and budget – from agency CIOs. Federal CIO Tony Scott mandated over the summer that agencies shore up their networks, policies, and procedures to defend their networks from […] […]

Donald Trump might quip that there are two kinds of insider threats – the Edward Snowden kind and the Hillary Clinton kind. But our nation’s cyber security’s no laughing matter.


Money talks – and BS walks. We’re about to separate the men from the boys in Federal cloud. Yes, we’re rolling into busy season – when agencies use it or lose it.


The Federal government spends close to $100 billion each year on Information Technology (IT). That’s a lot more than the $80 billion figure that shows up in the President’s annual budget and reports from Deltek and others. The latter number only shows spending from the 24 so-called Chief Financial Officers (CFO) Act agencies. It does […] […]