Cybersecurity is still a sexy topic. Just ask Ashley Madison. Federal agencies have an intimate knowledge of cyber threats, too. That’s why MeriTalk is bringing the best minds together for the Fourth Annual Cyber Security Brainstorm. We’re all just friends. Curious? I guess sites like and eHarmony just don’t cut it in anymore. Does […] […]

The recent data breach at the Office of Personnel Management has put a spotlight on the Department of Homeland Security’s Continuous Diagnostics and Mitigation (CDM) Program. There have been articles and blog posts that call into question the usefulness and logic of CDM because it didn’t detect the attackers or block the exploit at OPM. […] […]

Agency CIOs QB Fed IT – or do they? That’s FITARA’s goal – to improve Fed IT performance by ensuring CIOs are the only QB on the Fed IT field. So, isn’t it ironic that, like the Redskins, DC’s IT franchise is plagued by ownership and QB problems? […]

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It’s important to keep your weight down. Better on the heart. Healthcare is at risk in much the same way. Government health and human services agencies struggle to confirm and verify healthcare benefits due to data integration challenges, according to a new study, “The Economics of Eligibility: The Cost of Eligibility and Verification Challenges for […] […]

Never let a good crisis go to waste. The OPM breach – and the subsequent Cyber Sprint – may be just the jolt we need to euthanize our geriatric Fed IT.


No one goes it alone anymore. So some smart people at the National Institute for Standards and Technology (NIST) started thinking about how to help the financial, energy, healthcare, and other critical industries better protect their data, networks, and infrastructure from a cyber attack. They developed the NIST Cybersecurity Framework to help organizations figure out […] […]