— from my colleague Frank Briguglio at Dell Software… By Frank J. Briguglio, CISSP, Security Architect, Dell Software The Office of Personnel Management (OPM) has stated that any government employee, contractor or military service member that has filled out the “Questionnaire for National Security Positions SF-86” since 2000 (and possibly prior) is at risk of […] […]

Asked about the best way to deal with the Y2K problem, an IT consultant quipped, let’s find the fella that fixed Y1K – and get him back on the job. It wasn’t Methuselah magic that mended the millennium madness, it was good old fashioned auditing and a commitment to Enterprise Architecture.


July is the most popular month to move, according to the American Moving and Storage Association. Homeowners and renters aren’t the only ones boxing up their paperbacks and photo albums. Federal agencies are doing the same thing. But they’re moving to the cloud. Packing Up The Department of Defense (DoD) may have the most boxes […] […]

Why can’t the government successfully complete complex IT projects? This question persists whether one is talking about Healthcare.gov or the recent data breaches at the Office of Personnel Management. The primary reason is the cumbersome way the government funds IT development. With agencies subsisting from one Continuing Resolution (CR) to the next, intermittent funding wreaks […] […]

If you thought Fed CIOs’ dance cards were full with the cyber cha-cha, cloud can-can, and data center duck walk – it’s time to make room for some new moves. Here comes the FITARA Fandango.


It’s a big, bad world. So what do agencies need to know that can help them improve cybersecurity? At the Symantec Symposium, these key ideas to improve security resonated with an audience concerned that they will be the target of the next attack. 1.    Take a broader view. “Identify and protect” used to represent a […] […]

If you’re involved in meeting the requirements of the 30-day Federal Cybersecurity Sprint, here’s some help from Dell Software’s Paul Christman on how our solutions can assist your agency in making real, substantive progress in the Sprint’s accelerated timeframe:   On Your Mark, Get Set – Are You Ready for the Federal Cyber Sprint? By […] […]