In Fed IT, it’s AFE. Don’t recognize that TLA – Three Letter Acronym? It’s Acronyms For Everything. As the elephants and donkeys charge and kick one another over the 3Is – Immigration, Iran, and Israel – there’s one acronym on which they find common ground – FITARA. […]

There’s only one explanation – it’s a belated Christmas miracle. The 114th Congress is getting down to business, and the president last night outlined his priorities in his State of the Union speech. It just so happens that the legislative and executive branches are singing the same tune on cyber. The House and Senate majorities […] […]

This one’s less of a Cup of IT – more like Texas tea, black gold, oil that is. Based on my citizenship exam, three things enshrined in the constitution – freedom of speech, right to bear arms, access to cheap gas.


If Uncle Sam has a New Year’s resolution, maybe he should stop chewing his digits? No, I’m not talking about nail biting, I’m talking about digital natives.


The attack on Sony and other high-profile data breaches have forced lawmakers to pay attention to cyber legislation. But will the 114th Congress do as much for IT as the 113th? Several lawmakers who can affect IT policy are newly elected or newly assigned to tech-focused committees. Here’s a rundown of the new faces and […] […]

Feds face a long to-do list and lots of questions about the ability – and willingness – of the legislative and executive branches to work together as the 114th Congress convenes. Six issues lawmakers must grapple with in the New Year: Who Will Be the Next Federal CIO (and does it Matter)? The White House […] […]