Halloween is safely in the rear view mirror – but Uncle Sam’s still wracked by IT nightmares. App glutony’s front and center as we head to Thanksgiving – and a new MeriTalk study, the App Gap, showcases agencies’ eating disorders. […]

Looking for a recipe for success this turkey day – and a heaped helping of hilarity?  Look no further than our Fed IT gourmets’ take on bad lip reading – That’s How You Cook a Bird.  Key ingredients – hint of Halvorsen, pinch of Palmer, Barloon broil, Rudnicki roast, butter goes on top. Now that’s funny… Enjoy the holiday with your family. […]

Don’t go boating without a life jacket. And, don’t collect, store, or try to manage data without an Information Governance strategy.


Pot’s legal in DC (unless Congress steps in and says no to drugs). Nearly 70 percent of voters gave weed the high sign. But that’s not smoke in the sky. Those are clouds because there’s a lot of buzz surrounding cloud computing these days. Cloud and Data Centers: A Joint Effort Feds are (trying to) […] […]