Remember the old days? Agencies protected networks and data by guarding their perimeter and that was enough. Agencies relied on anti-virus software. There was none of this insider threat stuff. No PLA. No APTs. Feds got a raise every year, no one knew what sequestration was, and flip phones were awesome. Times have changed. Zombie […] […]

There’s an arms race going on like we haven’t seen since the Cold War: HP, IBM, Amazon, and Google. They’re knocking together data centers quicker than the price of cloud computing can plummet.


FBI Director James Comey took the Feds’ cybersecurity message to prime time TV – not a bad way to reach an audience. In the wake of the JP Morgan breach, Director Comey used 60 Minutes as a platform to warn of the growing “epidemic” of cyber crime. Director Comey pointed his finger directly at the […] […]

Every day you shave or powder your face in the mirror, put on a smile, and head out to make the doughnuts. But, what if you could get paid for doing nothing? And not just get paid, but earn millions? That’s precisely what fraudsters are doing every day in America. And, who are the dummies […] […]

Life’s a gamble, but there’s no need to take a risk with IT networks. Feds can double their savings by leveraging consolidation, virtualization, cloud computing, remote access, and infrastructure diversification. Now that’s hitting the jackpot. Despite the benefits, Feds have made only modest investments to modernize networks. A report by MeriTalk highlights the critical role […] […]