2014 is a tipping point. For the first time, IT will serve more pages to phones than PCs. So, aren’t phones cloud devices? Sure we’ve wrestled with Hunger Games horrors, but most everybody’s dialed into the mobile cloud. […]

Did you know that the Union Jack – made famous by the Red Coats, Reebok, and Austin Powers – is in peril? On September 18, Scotland goes to the polls to vote on independence from the “United Kingdom” – or, more accurately, England.


Some things get better with age. Wine. Blue jeans. Sofia Vergara. But not everything improves as it gets older. Milk. Tattoos. Data centers. Feds want their data and they want it now. Seems like a reasonable expectation, but it doesn’t always work out so well – especially as data centers get older. That’s why reliability […] […]