David Bennett, CIO of the Defense Information Systems Agency, has been thinking about cloud a lot lately. DOD rolled out DISA’s milCloud in March. Bennett, who took over as DISA CIO in October 2012, said in April that the Federal government is comfortable with its approach to cloud computing – essentially they keep as much […] […]

The joke’s on us. Interstate 66. Metro (I’m looking at you, Red Line). The 14th Street Bridge. Route 50. The Baltimore-Washington Parkway. At some point they will ruin your day, and everyone has a commuting horror story. Every time we step into a Metro car, it’s like flipping a coin. Every time we pile into […] […]

Is it me, or is it slow in Fed IT? Maybe it’s because everybody’s watching the World Cup? Worldwide viewership is four times that for the Olympics – and global productivity will drop four percent this month.


What do cyber crime and soccer have in common? Both are big and getting bigger. When the World Cup begins tomorrow, Spain, Germany, and Brazil will have the best odds of winning. They have dynamic players and play good offense. But when it comes to cyber security, you have to play good defense, and most […] […]

CDM is all about numbers – $6 billion, 17 primes, legions of subcontractors, and one big question. Is the shiny new program making Uncle Sam’s cyber security safer? This’ll be a focal point of the Cyber Security Brainstorm on June 18 at the Newseum


Today’s the big day. Maybe. Two years after Feds launched FedRAMP, cloud service providers must finish jumping over all the hurdles if they want to have a part in this program with the funny name. Or not. June 5 looks like a faux deadline. And the rules appear subject to change. OMB, which will act […] […]